Plants for sale to support gardens in Los Angeles

Plants for sale to support gardens in Los Angeles

Plants for sale close to W. Adams and Normandie at the Erika J. Glazer Community Garden. Join the community sale on Saturday, April 19th from 10am to 1pm and if you have any questions please get in contact with Aisha Farley.
(213) 797-6550

LETS GO Chicago, founder Anthony Peregrine shares at PowerShift

Anthony Peregrine addresses important issues on Environmentalism and the Green Economy. Check it out and see what he doing to spread awareness about our Mother and how he’s giving back by creating a more life in his town/communities through gardening and teacher.

Ladyfest in Inglewood

This is a photo essay of my short time and experience at my very first LADYFEST in Los Angeles where I’ve grown up the majority of my life. It was a pleasant experience to have seen so many mujeres rock the mic this night. I felt right at home where many vendors who I conversed with had a very much DIY approach to just about anything, it is something that you can see la Raza giving their %100 lucha all while resisting and holding immensly to the their struggle. Whether it is through the art of screenprinting, photography, graphic design, jewely (thereputic) designs, hustling in many forms, feeding, nourishing, teaching, healing in all sorts of ways, all that will trully inspire and shed some light to the apathetic and helpless. If ya’ll stumble upon this and know some of the bands that were photographed I’d love to put their band info right along with a caption. :)

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Ladyfest in Inglewood