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Ana Rosa:


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magicportalGreetings Everyone! The FREEDOM portal has opened her doors to all of us! And it is now time to utilize these energies in order to fully purge everything from your system finally once and for all! Use this loving, supportive, uplifting energy to carry you forward to new heights!

If you have not done so already find a quiet moment today and write down everything that YOU WANT to see manifest in your reality in the next 3 months. Be as specific as you can be. Once you are done, make another list of everything that you wish to LET GO of, and be done with.  Throw away or burn the paper with all that you no longer wish to see in your life.

And keep the other list with you at all times. Carry it with you. Look at it frequently to remind yourself what it is that you…

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Poem #2


El recuerdo con el que cargo es temporal,

el reocure cuando hay tiempo de avanzar

y creo que eso es senal que algo bueno ha salido de los cambios de piel y cicatrices que nunca se

desarollaron- y con el corazon que siempre quize ver en ellas.

En ello he deseado descubrir mas y mas,

y el espejo no siendo cubico,

ha sido los amores que alimentaron eso reflejos,

de mi amor,

y esas ternuras que acariciaron mis lunares,

al infinito del universo.

Las fraces que me decian los fantasmas,

los cual mi imadures no me dejaban identificar, no eran tan reales como los demonios que cargabas contigo,

los que no dejaban endrogarnos es nuestros unicos quimicos que cargaba nuestros cuerpos

y fue corto tiempo

y muy pocos lo momentos cuando compartimos admiracion de nuestros cuerpos.

me imaginaba, que me besabas en partes donde mi pelo suelto nunca me dejo ver

mi propia feminidad, 

la ancestria del dolor


lentamente formando nudos del ardor


En esos mismos amores demande la paz,

de mi alma,

de mi espiritu

y corte muchas las raices que me ahogaban 

de mi libertad.

Y muchos del tiempo me impidian ver mis lunares,

mi bellos, mis dulzuras,


entendi que las batallas de mujer 

se tenian que consevar

con otros que sabian la 

soledad de la mujer.








This multi coorporate sponsorship world cup in this  very country where marginalized people’s voices and vote, where lives have been taken for the exploitative “nature” of man.  In front of our very lives, lives on tv to be identified.

The signs are everywhere that, taking the power back to cut the consumption that drives these forces to destabalize communities where education is highly limited and the sense of community is just about everywhere.

capitalism tries its hardest to destroy these very systems of resistance and reinforces the idea of patricarchy and domination among media and entertainment. this very capitalism tries to make the attempt to infiltrate our humanity and dignity, no matter how many chains you can never take their resistance and self preservation that our very ancestors have gifted and blessed us with that the people fight with ancient wisdom and strength to the end.

Lifelong journey.

Much love to all,

And much love to Our Mother